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What’s my background?

I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin until I was 12 years old, and then moved to Hamilton, Ohio where I graduated from Hamilton Taft Senior High School.  I then attended and graduated from the University of Northern Colorado, where I played football, lived in Turner Hall, studied mostly in Ross Hall (sciences), joined the Sigma Chi fraternity, and received my B.A. degree in zoology and chemistry.  My post college life has been a series of adventures in the National Football League, marine biology, veterinary medical school, investment banking, telecommunications, recreation, professional speaking, and nonprofit management.  My pro football experience lasted 9 seasons.  I was a defensive end/tackle for the Superbowl champion Dallas Cowboys, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Superbowl Champion Los Angeles Raiders, and USFL Denver Gold.  My most significant career contributions have come in helping to found The Spot youth center (www.thespotdenver.org), leading Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado (www.biglittlecolorado.org), and being one of the co-founders of the Street Fraternity (www.streetfraternity.org).

I am so proud to be a father to Jonathon Stalls (discussed above), and an amazing daughter, Tracy Stalls, who lives in Huntington Beach, California.  Her successes include living her faith, playing hard court volleyball (e.g. Front Range Volleyball Club, Nebraska Huskers…national champs, USA, and professionally in Turkey), serving youth in Haiti through “Child In Hand”, and now pursuing pro beach volleyball.

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  1. I met Dave while he was enjoying an ice-cream outside the S&B Market in Manchester Ca. I was heading out from the Post Office on my lunchtime ride (I am the Postmaster and ride a recumbent tricycle). I like to talk to the interesting travelers that visit the Pacific coast, in particular the personally powered travelers (hikers, bikers and the occasional paddlers.) My family and I allow folks to camp on the property and frequently share dinner with them and exchange stories. Most contact us through a site Warmshowers.org that is for bicycle tourers world wide, but some we meet along the highway and invite to share an evening.

    On my way home from work I picked Dave up and brought him home, where I gave him a tour of my parents solar house and small farm, and we shared a nice dinner and more stories. We talked about the road ahead and options for camping.

    Next morning I dropped Dave off where I had picked him up although he left his buggy and some gear at the house to use the next night he stayed with us. Very enjoyable!


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